"OOTify" Explained

“OOT” or "uth" (उठ) means "lift up" in the Hindi language.  

"OOTify” is the process of uplifting one another.


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A Letter From the OOTify Team

Our Story and Purpose

Dear OOTify Community and Prospective Community Members,

We'd like to take a minute or two of your time to share our WHY. We started this community to democratize mental healthcare for all and it's personal for us after having lost friends and family members to suicide or battle other tough mental health issues. The current mental healthcare delivery system has failed all of us. 

We also know that the system needs to work for everyone. Mental health professionals are the backbone of our community, deserve to get compensated for the immense value they bring to those seeking help, and if we empower them, we ALL win.

Ultimately, we want the experience of getting help to be smooth and well, fun. Think of that great workout that you got in and felt amazing afterwards. That's what working on your mental health should feel like too. Yes, it's work, but it can be refreshing when you're in charge!

At OOTify, we have been working on building an open marketplace, content and community with the help of a little technology after what we personally faced. The result is a passionate approach to mental health. And we're just getting started.



So what's next? Let's talk about our mental health. Let's lift up our community's mental health. Together. Please join our community by downloading our app, following and supporting our content on social or engaging on our community forum - The Fabric. From all of us at OOTify, we wish that your mental health continues to flourish and of course, we got you if you need us!

Respectfully and In Your Service, 



Our Roots and Guiding Manifesto
Take a Chance and Enhance

Every day is an opportunity to grow.  You can improve yourself and your relationships, or help a fellow OOTer work through any challenge.  This social commitment nurtures a health and happy community.

Celebrate the Journey

We all have our own journey - let's try to celebrate it by being our best selves and not comparing with others.   Trying is just about our willpower, our grit and our action.  As OOTers, we try our best and celebrate when we overcome challenges together.

Release Judgment, Catch Acceptance

Human issues are quite universal, so let's drop our tunnel vision.  If we are able to empathize with others' challenges, ask helpful questions, and share our knowledge and experience to support another OOTer, we all win.

Shift from Quantity to Quality

Relationships are so powerful when they are healthy. Let's focus on meaningful relationships instead of sheer quantity, and deepen them through continuous, positive communication.