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OOTify is geared towards using data driven AI-powered matching technology to provide the mental health resource best for YOU. It is the first mental health platform creating a mental wellness community beneficial to both, its providers and users alike.

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Therapists are trained to help their clients gain insight about themselves, identify and manage emotions, learn healthy coping skills, and process challenges from the past and present.

You do not have to be diagnosed with a mental illness to see a therapist, in fact, a therapist can help you learn strategies to improve your mental health and prevent negative symptoms from arising.


Coaches assist their clients in overcoming challenges, setting goals, increasing motivation, and focus on the present and current issues you are experiencing. Some therapists are also coaches, however not all coaches are therapists.


Coaches are different from mental health professionals  in that they help clients starting from where they are, and identifying the steps clients can take to meet life goals.


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