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For Providers

Do I need to be licensed to provide services?

If you are providing services as a therapist, yes you must have an active license to do therapy. Coaches are not expected to be licensed.

How many hours a week do I need to provide services?

It's up to you! We have providers building full time online practices (30-40 hours a week), while others just start by listing a 3-4 hour block to start. You can set your available hours within the app.

Can I be on the platform if I am not licensed in CA?

You can be licensed in any state to provide services on the app. The app utilizes geolocation and will not allow for someone to connect with you for therapy if they do not live in the state you are licensed. As best practice, we encourage Providers to confirm where their clients reside.

I am a CA-licensed practitioner but will be traveling out of state. Can I still talk to my clients?

Yes. As long as the practitioner is licensed in the State of California, they can provide telehealth services to their clients/patients.

What happens if I get disconnected?

If disconnected, a message will be sent to the client to have them reconnect. Should for some reason this fail as well, such as someone's internet connection being lost, feel free to email them at the email listed in their profile. You can reconnect and pick up where you left off. You are only billed for the time spent on the platform. You can email any issues to or within the application in the menu under "Give us Feedback".

Do I receive my hours if I'm not a licensed clinician?

Unfortunately at this time we are not able to offer supervision through OOTify. We are actively working on this as an offered feature of our app, including being able to offer sessions as a supervisor/supervisee with someone that's a right fit for your needs.

Right now it only allows me to offer 30 minute and 60 minute openings. What if I provide 45 minute sessions?

When connecting for session, the client has the option to choose "Custom Rate" where they can fill in the agreed upon rate and length of time for the session.

Does OOTify connect with my EHR or Simple Practice account(s)?

No, OOTify is not connected to Simple Practice. OOTify is a consolidated platform so you may or may not need other platforms to help with your EHR, business development and marketing needs.

How do I deal with high severity cases?

We use our algorithm to refer high severity cases to emergency services. Please follow your training and safety planning protocols where appropriate.

Will I not be able to connect with potential clients if I don’t use Google calendar?

OOTify is actively working on incorporating other calendars to the platform. But as of right now Google calendar is the default calendar for our app. If you do not have Google Calendar, after you sync you can enter in your time available manually in the app. If you have other calendar preferences, feel free to drop us a line at and we'll be sure to prioritize that in future versions of the app.

Can I set different hours for different days?

This is not available yet. You can update your calendar daily, which takes a couple minutes or sync another google calendar. We are working on updating this.

What if someone wants to use another platform?

Of course we want you to stay, and are always working to improve our platform to work better for everyone. However, should you and your client (client) want to change platforms, we'll support whatever allows for everyone to get the most help.

What if someone wants to take the conversation in person?

This is at the discretion of the provider. Some providers conduct office sessions and so offer the options of meeting in person or online through OOTify. Online sessions through OOTify offer the options of flexibility and convenience, as well as being a HIPAA compliant platform.

How will I know my account has received payment?

You will receive notification through whatever you have set up in your stripe account. We also have a listed account balance within the OOTify app, before it's transferred to your bank account. Should there be a concern, reach out to our team at

Can I bring my own clients on to the platform?

Yes. Our search engine allows clients to look for a specific provider and receive services. You can also send your clients your individualized DeepLink which will take them directly to your profile in the app.

Can I provide referrals for my client to receive a higher level of care?

Yes. Depending on the level of care required, you can refer directly within the OOTify app to a higher/alternative level of care provider (such as a psychiatrist). OOTify also has options for directing clients to crisis resources such as emergency services or the crisis text line. We do not currently have direct referrals to treatment centers, such as hospitals, though that may be included in future versions of our app.

Do you operate on a sliding scale? How does this work?

OOTify does not set rates for providers. Providers are free to set whatever their standard rate they want for clients. In turn, clients can request a lower rate or time window (eg $20 for 15 minutes), through the "Custom Rate" option when they click "Talk Now" to initiate a session. The provider then has the ability to accept or decline that proposed rate.

What is coaching? How do you distinguish them from therapists?

Great question, and we wish there was a definitive legally-binding definition. Our working definition of coaching (distinguishing them from therapists), are that therapists diagnose mental illness and treat that through their approach. Coaches do not diagnose or treat. Coaches tend to work with higher functioning clients. Therapists are licensed by the state and have specific regulations applied to them. Coaches can be certified by certain institutions, but aren't regulated by them. Both can use some similar approaches/tools, though often coaching is exclusively goal oriented. Therapists can focus on a broader range of issues including relationships, interpersonal problems, and even use "the relationship" in the therapy as a tool for improvement.

How do I enter notes? What happens if I leave the platform, but want to keep my notes?

We have consultation notes within the app in the texting modal. You swipe right and can enter your notes and refer back to them at anytim within the app. Unfortunately at this time, you cannot transfer your notes out of the system. The OOTify team is discussing developing an internal EHR within the app that would include billing options to payers such as insurance. If you have interest or requests on this, drop a note to our team at

Do I need liability insurance?

Providers should have the same level of insurance that is legally required for them to practice in person. To our knowledge, it is not legally required to have liability insurance to provide care in California, though the prepoderance of providers do.

Which modalities may I use on OOTify?

OOTify does not limit the types of therapy modalities offered on its platform, aside from strongly recommending providers to use their best judgment and consider limitations of teletherapy and the possibility that sessions could cut out in the middle of a session (such as from a problem in someone's wifi reception).

My client is coming up as anonymous on OOTify. How do I do therapy with someone anonymously?

Similar to phone consultations, OOTify allows Clients to be anonymous during their 15 minute consultation. If it translates into an ongoing realtionship, the Provider can require the Client to disclose any and all information needed to establish the relationship and in accordinace with applicable laws and best practices.

So I'm offering 15 minutes free. What's to keep a client from jumping from provider to provider for free mini-sessions?

Excellent question. We consider the 15 minute consultation to be comparable to the first phone call with a potential client, which is usually free and used to determine if the therapist is a good fit. Sometimes people do jump from consultation phone call to call as they seek out the best match. We aim to minimize this through our matching algorithm as we improve the app, as well as engaging with seekers who shop around to determine what keeps them engaging. This may reflect the difficulties of someone initiating therapy in the first place, ie learning to trust enough to open up about themselves.

Can I use my own intake forms within OOTify?

OOTify does not replace the intake process, but rather supplements it. We highly recommend Providers work directly with Clients beyond their 15 minute consultation to get all consent forms and intake forms in place in a satisfactory manner.

What is the average rate per session?

Providers on our site have rates that average between $65-110 dollars / hour.

How can I stand out or promote myself?

We provide many marketing option to help you promote yourself and your business across our platforms. We have Provider Spotlights on social media and in our Newsletter, Content Series to provide awareness about your services and who you serve, and paid ad campaigns to target your ideal client. There is also in-app marketing with an OOT point system where you get more points as you interact with clients, moving you up on the leaderboard.

Can I send my own forms through the app?

You are not able to send the forms in the app at this point, but you can use a secure email services, such as HelloSign, to send them to your client via the email they provide in their profile. We are working to incorporate this into the platform to streamline the process for both you and the client.

How can I contact the client?

Once you have had a conversation via talk now, messaged through inbox, or a client has scheduled a session with you, you are then able to view their profile where their email is listed.

What is the cancellation process?

OOTify does not take any percentage of client cancellations or no-shows. Providers can set their own cancellation and no-show fees and work with the Client directly for any issues and email the client as they would in their typical online practice. The email address can be found in their profile. Our recommended policy is as follows:

-Clients can cancel a session 24 hours in advance, with no fee.

-If Clients do cancel a session less than 24 hours in advance, they should be charged $15 per late cancel.

-If Clients don't cancel and/or don't show up to a session, they should be charged $20 per no-show.

For Clients

Is online therapy effective?

Absolutely. While new research is always emerging, we believe there is a solid amount of evidence to show online therapy can not only help -- but reduce costs and in some ways offer help that traditional therapy cannot. Here are some links to known research studies on the effectiveness/benefits of online therapy.

Can I remain anonymous while using the app?

We allow for clients to be anonymous within the Fabric, so that they can feel comfortable asking questions and engaging in discussions. Clients are also able to remain anonymous during the initial 15 minute consultation, but cannot be anonymous during paid sessions.

Is there a cancellation policy?

OOTify does not take any percentage of client cancellations or no-shows. Providers can set their own cancellation and no-show fees and work with the Client directly for any issues and email the client as they would in their typical online practice. The email address can be found in their profile. Our recommended policy is as follows:
-Clients can cancel a session 24 hours in advance, with no fee.

-If Clients do cancel a session less than 24 hours in advance, they should be charged $15 per late cancel.

-If Clients don't cancel and/or don't show up to a session, they should be charged $20 per no-show.

What is the Fabric?

The Fabric is our social engagement platform. It's the safe space to engage and ask questions, have discussions, and share content. Our aim is for this to be the place to get quality information about anything mental health related. Experts write blogs or share articles. Anyone can ask questions and get answers from a range of professionals and experts. It depends on your participation!

Can I meet with my provider in person?

Absolutely. This is negotiated with your provider, if they offer in person sessions. Sometimes this is preferred by everyone, or sometimes someone wants online only sessions. Or a mix.

Is there an option for couples therapy?

Yes. Currently couples can have sessions if they're in the same room, and able to use their phone to capture both of them on camera for the therapist to track both.

Generally, what types of Providers are on OOTify?

Coaches and Therapists/Mental Health Professionals

What kind of credentials do the Providers have?

That depends on the type of provider. Therapists must have a masters or doctoral degree in some type of therapy, psychology, etc, and be licensed by the state to provide therapy. Degrees include MFT, MSW, PhD, PsyD, or MD. Coaches are generally not licensed, though most go through coaching training, and may be certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF). Mentors are not licensed or certified, but have been vetted by OOTify to have experience in mentoring.

Are OOTify mental health professionals licensed?

All therapist providers are licensed by the state where they are providing care. Coaches may or may not be licensed.

Is OOTify covered by insurance?

The platform overall is not covered by insurance, but some providers may be on some panels. Just like seeing a professional in private practice, therapists can provider a seeker with a "superbill" to submit to their insurance to attempt to get reimbursed. We are actively in discussion with some insurance companies about getting OOTify covered by their policies.

What are my communication options?

With a provider, you can do sessions using chat, audio, or video within a session. You can toggle between them within a session.

What happens if I don't get matched right away?

You will get matched with a personal Care Coordinator to help connect you to a provider that will fit the level of support you are looking for.

What if I lose connection in the middle of a session?

Try to reconnect! Knowing your provider you can also manually select a session with them to continue it.

Do I need to sign any consent forms?

OOTify has a general terms of consent that must be agreed to to use our platform. Your provider might have individualized consent forms as well, which they can email you through a HIPAA compliant service.

Can I talk to my mental health professional or coach if I live in a differnet state than them?

Currently there are limitations in terms of interstate telehealth. Therefore it's legal to get coaching but not therapy from someone not licensed in your state.

Can I use OOTify anywhere in the USA and/or outside of the USA?

We've launched in California primarily, with plans to expand beyond in the near future.

Can I use OOTify if I'm not 18 years of age or older?

We are currently limited to adults, with discussion to moving to teenagers in the future.

How does OOTify protect my privacy?

Within sessions, OOTify is a HIPAA compliant platform, which allows for high level security and protection of your data. Within the Fabric, anonymity of posters is allowed. OOTify also guarantees we will never, ever sell any internal data to outside companies. We do partner with some academic research institutions on projects to improve mental healthcare in the world. Any data shared with them is anonymized before being shared, however.

For Universities

How does OOTify work?

OOTify is a unified solution for mental heatlh programming. Our programming is broken into 3 modules to help tailor our resources to student needs inlcuding self-help modules, assessments used to route students to appropriate resources, and the ability to connect directly with a mental heatlh provider. This is all done in one, convenient place - the OOTify app.

Are OOTify's mental health providers licensed? What other vetting process do they go through?

All providers on the OOTify platform have completed the requsite education and clinical hours. Each provider is subject to a through interview process, followed by an extensive background check.

How much does OOTify cost the university?

We know every university is different and therefore, we tailor our services and pricing based on university needs. Contact our client service team at to learn more.

Our University already has telehealth resources available to students, why do we need another one?

OOTify was created to work with your current mental health resources. Connecting all your mental health resources to our platform enables you to get real-time data on which resources students are finding the most valuable, and which resources are underutilized. This can help you provide the most relevant resources to your students - all in one place.

In addition, OOTify can augment current University resources with our services to route students to curated mental health support. This means lower strain onr your systems and shorter wait times for your students, enabling them to get the help they need when they need it.

Does this work for college students?

Yes! OOTify is the first company of its kind to peform a clinical trial on our app with college students. Preliminary findings show that short-term short-duration therapy via the OOTify app is an effective intervention to decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression, and improve wellbeing for college students, regardless of symptomatology. The results of the clinical trial show that students in our study reported an overall decrease in negative symptoms.

What this means for universities: With OOTify, universties will be better equiped to handle a mental health pandemic on campus with sub-clinical and clinical support structure available, showing you are putting your student's well being front and center.

What this means for students: improved access to shorter interventions that will improve their mental health. Additionally, OOTify will ultimately help students to find mental health resources which may improve academic, social and overall health of students on campus.

Is the data of our students protected?

Yes, we are HIPAA compliant which means we follow the strictest privacy guidelines. We do not save any data between students and providers and all in-app messaging is encrypted.