Your Customized Mental Health Ecosystem

For Universities and Businesses

OOTify is a new model for mental wellness on campus. We understand addressing mental health can be daunting and confusing, so we’ve created a mental health ecosystem to connect you and your students with the right resources on campus for their wellness needs, their budget, and their busy schedule. 


Through our HIPAA-compliant & secure tele-mental health mobile app, you can meet with a therapist live every week. Through our online community, The Fabric, you can chat with supportive peers going through similar challenges. Through our content and educational material, you can access a variety of resources that might help shine a light on a solution to a tough problem or offer some insights.

Think of OOTify as your unified hub for your mental wellness care - so your students can continue to be happy and balanced wellness ninjas at school, at work, with their family, with their friends, and anywhere else their passion takes them. Let OOTify lift you up.

Why Universities Love OOTify

Not Just Another Mental Health App



Existing Resources


AI Algorithm

for Matched Results


Evidence Based &

Data Driven


Focused on 

Student's Mental Health


Secure &

HIPAA Compliant





Custom Fit for

Budget and Needs


Help Mental Health

Not Just Mental Illness

The Student Journey Today

Students don’t know what they need for their mental health. There are too many options, and too little guidance. This creates choice paralysis.

OOTify introduces students to their own mental health -- starting with teaching mental health literacy. Then like a concierge, giving personalized recommendations to exactly what resources that individual needs.

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The Journey Starts with OOTify

Navigate Your Way to Mental Wellness

OOTify helps navigate students to a suite of mental health support and resources:

  • Educational Content

  • Telehealth with Extended Network

  • TAO or Other Apps on Campus

  • Social Skills Groups

  • Mood Trackers

  • Counseling Center

  • “Let’s Talk” Drop-in Consultations

  • Substance Abuse Resources 

Look No Further

OOTify’s Click-and-Mortar Mental Health Services Ecosystem is customized to fit your budget.

Get in touch with us now to find out more! 


Adaptive Care Management

Delightful Clinical Experience

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