LMU Clinical Study

OOTify, a new mental wellness app, has partnered up with Loyola Marymount University (LMU) to do a clinical study with the goal to improve college student mental health nationwide.

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To learn more about the app, simply check out what we're about through this short film:

More info and videos available on our website or on Youtube


If you have spoken with our team and you are a licensed Provider, you may participate in a LMU Institutional Review Board (IRB) approved study that seeks to investigate the efficacy of a cell phone app to deliver counseling and psychotherapy.

This is a unique opportunity to improve the mental health landscape at university systems across the country. We appreciate your interest!


Each student will receive one 30 minute session/week for 5 weeks with a provider. 


As a licensed therapist, you will provide therapy through the OOTify app (audio, video or text messaging) for 10 weeks for two groups of students - 5 weeks for each group. This study will require up to 10 hours (total) of your time spread over a 10 week period during the semester.


In addition, for the other 5 weeks, the students will engage in an online forum with professionals, and other cell phone app participants, to explore personal growth and mental health issues. 

Other requirements for you:

  • Complete OOTify onboarding application

  • Complete personality assessment (NEO-IPIP)

  • Report once a week on no-shows or re-scheduling needed if a student is late and any technical difficulties

  • Refer any students to LMU and other resources provided as needed

Other requirements for students:​​

  • Students cannot be receiving therapy from another therapist during the course of the study

  • The app is a preventative care focused model and not meant to treat severe mental illness and so a prior diagnosis of mental illness will exclude students from the study 

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Download OOTify And Onboard

Download the OOTify app and update your profile. Include "LMU" in your profile at the bottom so students can find you in the app. Students will schedule time with you through the app. 


Complete the OOTify onboarding application and do a demo session with the OOTify team so you are familiar with how the app works.

Complete Assessment and Therapy Sessions

There is one assessment to be completed by Providers. This will not be a part of the study, but for us to improve our app. 


Each student will book time with the same therapist 5 times for 5 consecutive weeks. If they want to see you after the study, they are your clients! These are students so please work with them on a financial sliding scale if you choose to engage with them after the study.

Share Basic Reporting with OOTify

Every week, share details on any no-shows or re-schedules needed for late-shows with students. 

Also share any technical difficulties in a template here:


OOTify Reporting