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Angela helps people shift how their negative head voice and past and present pain are affecting their life across contexts- their happiness and fulfillment, their performance and professional success, their relationships, their self-image, bodies, and confidence. Each of these is simply a mirror of the individual’s overall health (mental, emotional, and physical).

Angela’s passion is helping others close the gaps between who think they need to be, who they are, and who they can be. From politicians to corporate teams to children, she provides a bridge for her clients to explore their own unknown territory in a profound, yet safe and palatable way.

Holding a Master’s of Science in Organization Development and Master’s Certifications in Reiki and Shamanism, Angela specializes in uncovering and treating the root cause of an imbalance. Whether at an individual level or large-scale organization change, she diagnoses what is underlying an issue, and her clients achieve deeper, lasting results.

She possesses a unique balance between left and right brain, the head and the heart, and brings practicality to healing and human connection to organizations.

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Angela Schmitt

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