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Our motto at LifeSource Coaches is ‘transformation from the inside out’.  As life and leadership coaches, transformation is what my wife Sue and I are all about. People ask us, ‘so what is transformational coachingreally?’ 

All of us at some time or another have hurts, hang ups, or habits that hijack our lives, relationships, faith and freedom of choice with a gravity that keeps us stuck and held captive.  Many times this hijacking occurs because of some past emotional circumstance or trauma through which we’ve come to sub-consciuosly believe a lie about ourselves or how life and relationships work best. All this leaves us easily triggered and reacting in unhelpful or unhealthy ways. Transformation occurs as the lie is exposed, excess emotional energy is released, and new found truth energizes freedom, healing and more healthy choices and behavior. Transformational coaching launches faith and freedom and growth for a more fruitful life!

If you're ready to escape the gravity in your life and to launch your relationships, intimacy and influence to new levels, then let's talk about your breakthrough today!

dave robson Life Coach
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