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I have been a licensed therapist in California since 2014. In 2018 I retired from a position in an aerospace company. Besides a masters in clinical psychology I hold a degree in engineering.

I have been holding online therapy sessions since early 2017 and have found them to be different than traditional in office therapy AND to have many benefits - no commute or parking really GREAT - and just as effective as fin office. My style as a therapist is very much informed by the Post Modern theories, especially Narrative Therapy.

Although my practice includes individuals, couples and families with all sorts of concerns, problems, and successes, my current interest is in working with friends, families and partners of gender nonconforming individuals and those identifying as GNC. I have come to understand that they are a marginalized, frequently unseen, group of individuals struggling with ideas of their identity, grief over significant losses and wondering about the past and the future.