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Post helpful mental wellness resources and what's working for you so others can benefit as well! This is a public forum.

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Your story is a compilation of meaningful experiences that can inspire others.

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Dedicated thread for Bruins to support one another through relatable topics addressing our mental health on campus.

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Need some advice on a challenge? Ask the community and we can solve it together. We're here to support you.

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This thread is for Providers so they can support one another in the amazing work they do. This is a public forum.

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Take some time for yourself as a parent. Advise other parents. This is your community to improve your mental heallth.

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Dedicated mental health thread for USC students. Safe place for you to support your fellow Trojan family.

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  • What do you do when two of your friends are angry with each other- and you're caught in the middle. I think everyone goes through this repeatedly at various stages in life, so it's good to have some tools for dealing with this. I personally have found the following helpful when dealing with this: - talk to both sides separately, and let both sides know that you are talking to the other - try to get to the core of their issues and abstract the problem - come up with possible solutions/compromises - when they do talk, try to make sure each is on an equal playing field, and call them out on unnecessary jabs and insults - make sure each gets out ALL of the things they are upset about, or it will just build up again
  • I've always had an interest in a wide variety of things; from video games to books, movies, computer science, biology, and music. While these interests have served me well either as hobbies, extracurriculars, or in classes, now that I am in college I need to start narrowing down my fields of interest so that I can get a job, preferably one which I really love doing. My only problem is figuring out how to choose a career path (especially with so many different opportunities out there) that both provides a comfortable living and that I really enjoy. So far what I've heard is that either you're not as wealthy and suffer a bit in that regard but you really love your job or vice versa you don't really love your job but you can definitely live comfortably and pay back student loans. Thoughts?
  • Whenever I or my friends are stressed, we have found that animals bring significant comfort to our lives. In my apartment, we have emotional support rats which have helped us destress and also bond with each other!

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