A New Democratic Model for Mental Health

OOTify uses data-driven matching technology to connect you with a therapist or resource that's right for you.


A little help from tech to give you a seamless,  delightful experience.


How it Works

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Centralized Mental Health Portal

AI-Powered Concierge

Text, Audio & Video Messaging Or In-Person

Connect with a Mental Health Professional, Coach or Resource from the comfort of your phone. Don’t pay unless you find the perfect fit for you!


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Come Visit Us

If and when you would prefer to visit us in-person, come to one of our Los Angeles locations. We are expanding and will have more locations soon!

"OOTify" Explained

“OOT” or "uth" (उठ) means "lift up" in the Hindi language.  

"OOTify” is the process of uplifting one another.


Learn more about Our Story and why we are building this community.

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tools, tips, and resources for all things mental health!


Certified to Provide Mental Health Services?


Which Provider is Right For Me?

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Connect with a Mental Health Professional, Coach or Resource from the comfort of your phone! We're HIPAA compliant with support from MedStack.

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