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Sustainable Mental Health Infrastructure

OOTify (n): A digital, research-backed mental health companion that gathers and provides mental health resources to lift you up.



We're here to lift you up.

"OOT" or "uth" (उठ) means "lift up" in Hindi.

OOTify is a digital hub using data-driven matching and interactive gamification to navigate enterprise clients to evidence-based mental healthcare.

We aim to lift up and nurture sustainable human health.

The Current Mental Health

Stressed Man


Why is everything... everywhere. I wish there was one place to point me in the right direction

Stressed Woman

Trial and Error

I keep trying different apps and then guessing which one is right for me. I waste so much time trying to find the right solution.

 Young Woman Contemplating


Sometimes I'm stressed just going to the place that's supposed to help me de-stress...

There has to be a better way...


Keeping it Personal

Through data-driven personalized matching, OOTify simplifies the navigation process to easily connect you to mental health interventions so you can live your best life.


"Mental healthcare is missing infrastructure. We tackle this by taking care of our providers, providing access to multiple evidence-based solutions, and ensuring a delightful experience. We do this at scale with enterprises to provide better outcomes and value-based, personalized care."

Ravi Sharma (CEO and Founder)

Ravi Circle.png

How OOTify Works


Centralized Mental Health Hub

Centralized architecture to have your mental health efforts streamlined in one place so you can track and manage your health for more effective outcomes.


Holistic approach that looks at you as a human and then matches you with interventions that speak to you.


AI-Powered Concierge

You got a friend in OOTify. We are your digital companion to help you navigate to the right solution for your well-being. It shouldn’t be stressful to get help for your struggles. With OOTify, turn your struggles into strengths with curated solutions.

AI-powered platform with evidence-based data to make sure you're matched with resource(s) that caters perfectly to your needs.

Group 105@2x.png

Text, Audio & Video Messaging,
In-Person... All Modalities.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to how they want to work with their mental health coach or therapist.


You choose the mode, we streamline the process.


Powering Intrinsic & Extrinsic Motivators

The OOTify digital companion helps you unlock your full potential and rewards you with OOT tokens redeemable for experiences, services, and even non-fungible tokens (your own mental health art!).

Scan the QR code to see an example of what you can earn on the platform.

AR NFT QR Code.jpeg

"Let's lift each other up"

Group 154@2x.png

Get Connected with OOTify

Connect with Mental Health Professionals, Coaches, and Resources.

HIPAA Compliant and Secure

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