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Your Customized Mental Health Ecosystem

We provide on-demand, personalized mental health support for students to help schools improve retention, diversity, and overall student success.

Begin Your Journey

Mental Health, Reimagined for Students.

We understand that addressing mental health concerns can be overwhelming. Connect your students with resources on campus that meet their personal needs, fits their budget, and accommodates their busy schedules.

Existing Resources

Enhance and augment the services already provided by your university. We work closely with university staff to ensure seamless integration of our software.

Evidence Based &
Data Driven

We employ rigorous research methodologies to develop our platform. Our interventions are supported by scientific evidence and validated studies.

Keep Students Engaged &
Improve Outcomes

Through gamification, progress tracking, and tailored content, enjoy a dynamic user experience that encourages sustained engagement.

AI Algorithm for
Matched Results

By analyzing user data, our algorithms can dynamically generate personalized resources and interventions, providing students with support that is relevant to their specific mental health concerns and goals.

Secure &
HIPAA Compliant

Maintain the trust and confidentiality necessary for students to seek support for their mental health needs with our HIPAA compliant platform.

Custom Fit for
Budget and Needs

Mental health support should be accessible to all, regardless of budget constraints. We offer flexible pricing options and customizable plans, allowing universities to tailor our services to fit their budgetary needs

The Student Journey Today

In the current educational landscape there is a strong emphasis on mental health, providing a wealth of resources. However, this abundance of options and lack of guidance leave students grappling with choice-paralysis. We provide a solution by simplifying access to the help they truly need.

What We Offer

OOTify provides personalized recommendations to guide students towards comprehensive mental health care. From HIPAA-compliant tele-therapy to campus resources and our free mental health fluency course, we empower students to thrive while optimizing institutional support.

Resilience Module

Campus Resources

Live Events

Peer-to-Peer Support

Short Term Counseling