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From the Team

Our Story and Purpose

We'd like to take a minute to share our WHY. We started this company to democratize access to mental healthcare. The mental healthcare system had failed us. Our founding team had lost friends and family to suicide, dealing with a fragmented and inefficient system. We wanted to create something that could help everyone - the entire community.


At OOTify, we've been building mental healthcare 2.0:

  • A safe community to go to for whatever your mental health needs are

  • An open marketplace matching process to the best therapist for you

  • Immediately accessible therapy within the app

  • Content to help change stigma

  • AI -assisted approach to matching resources that are right for you, from meditation to support groups to mental health fluency. 


We want the experience of getting help to be smooth and well, fun. Just like that perfect physical work-out. That's what it should feel like. We're building something for you, no matter who you are and what you need. Stay tuned. We're just getting started. 

What is OOTify

“OOT” or "uth" (उठ) means "lift up" in the Hindi language.  
"OOTify” is the process of uplifting one another.


Our Values

Take a Chance

and Enhance

Every day is an opportunity to grow.  You can improve yourself and your relationships, or help a fellow OOTer work through any challenge.  This social commitment nurtures a health and happy community.


the Journey

We all have our own journey - let's try to celebrate it by being our best selves and not comparing with others.   Trying is just about our willpower, our grit and our action.  As OOTers, we try our best and celebrate when we overcome challenges together.

Release Judgment,

Catch Acceptance

Human issues are quite universal, so let's drop our tunnel vision.  If we are able to empathize with others' challenges, ask helpful questions, and share our knowledge and experience to support another OOTer, we all win.

Shift from Quantity

to Quality

Relationships are so powerful when they are healthy. Let's focus on meaningful relationships instead of sheer quantity, and deepen them through continuous, positive communication. 

Meet The Team

Ravi Sharma

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Chief Executive Officer


Berke Brown

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Chief Operations Officer


Peter Presland-Byrne

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Chief Technology Officer