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Your Customized Mental Health Ecosystem

We offer high-quality, low-cost virtual mental health support for every employee to help promote a healthy work-life balance. Drive productivity and retention through less sick days and more on-demand mental health support.

Begin Your Journey

Inclusive Mental Health Support for Teams.

From anxiety and burnout, to conflict resolution and community building, our coaches, counselors, partners, and a nationwide network of providers are here to empower your workforce to perform at their best.

Existing Resources

Enhance and augment the services already provided by your company. We work closely with management to ensure seamless integration of our software.

Evidence Based &
Data Driven

We employ rigorous research methodologies to develop our platform. Our interventions are supported by scientific evidence and validated studies.

Keep Employees Engaged &
Improve Outcomes

Through gamification, progress tracking, and tailored content, enjoy a dynamic user experience that encourages sustained engagement.

AI Algorithm for
Matched Results

By analyzing user data, our algorithms can dynamically generate personalized resources and interventions, providing employees with support that is relevant to their specific mental health concerns and goals.

Secure &
HIPAA Compliant

Maintain the trust and confidentiality necessary for employees to seek support for their mental health needs with our HIPAA compliant platform.

Custom Fit for
Budget and Needs

Mental health support should be accessible to all, regardless of budget constraints. We offer flexible pricing options and customizable plans, allowing companies to tailor our services to fit their budgetary needs.

The Employee Experience

In a time marked by increasing organizational burnout and mental fatigue, prioritizing mental health services for employees is paramount. We empower employees to proactively care for their mental well-being, unlocking their full potential and optimizing performance in the workplace.

What We Offer

We guide employees towards accessible mental health care through personalized recommendations. Whether it's tele-therapy sessions or our mental health fluency course, we ensure that employees receive the care they need to continue thriving.

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