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As an OOTify provider, you'll have access to innovative tools and the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded professionals. Together, let's shape a future where mental healthcare is secure, accessible, and enjoyable for all.

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Pave the future of mental health care with OOTify. If you are a Certified Mental Healthcare Provider, Coach, Educator, or Instructor, here’s how OOTify can benefit you.

Build and grow your online &
in-person practice

Connect with a larger network of clients seeking mental health support through our platform and expand your client base. We help providers establish a thriving practice and reach more individuals in need of their services.

Access to AI Powered
Tools & Clinical Data

Try new marketing tools to find new clients and leverage AI and clinical data to improve the overall health of your clients.

Enjoy Competitive Rates

We offer competitive rates for in-network and/or our out-of-network platforms that ensure fair compensation for your services, allowing to you maintain a sustainable and profitable practice while delivering high-quality mental healthcare.

Concierge Service for
Marketing Support

Leverage concierge-type service for marketing support including paid campaigns.

Secure &
HIPAA Compliant

Access fully HIPAA compliant and Enhanced Telehealth system where you can meet your clients through various platforms (audio, video, chat messaging) and engage in unlimited asynchronous check-ins.

Hassle-free Billing

Relax while we handle your billing for you. We pay you even when claims are rejected!  We believe that mental health practitioners should be paid a fair and appreciative wage.

The Provider Experience

We recognize the unique challenges faced by mental health professionals, whether it's securing a diverse range of clients or witnessing the real-time impact you have on people's lives. With our AI-enhanced platform, we seamlessly match you with clients perfectly suited to your expertise. Experience a world of educational opportunities, help curate mental health resources, and expand your influence through exclusive networking events.

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