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A digital, research-backed companion that gathers and provides resources to help you navigate your mental health.

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“OOT” or “uth” ( उठ ) means “lift up” in Hindi. OOTify uses data-driven matching and interactive gamification to navigate enterprise clients to evidence-based mental healthcare. We aim to lift up and nurture sustainable human health.

Mental healthcare is missing infrastructure.

We tackle this by taking care of our providers, providing access to multiple evidence-based solutions, and ensuring a delightful experience. We do this at scale with enterprises to provide better outcomes and value-based, personalized care.

Ravi Sharma, Board Director & Co-Founder

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No need to sweat it. With OOTify's AI architecture and data-driven personalized matching, finding mental health interventions is easier than ever. Spend less time searching and more time thriving.

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With the right tools, Anything is possible.

Don't let the challenges in your life hold you back from exceeding your true potential. Finding the right set of tools that work for you is the most important aspect of navigating our way through life.

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Our team includes leading researchers and healthcare professionals

Scientific Advisory Board

At OOTify, we stand out as one of the select mental health tech companies that have successfully conducted a clinical trial, demonstrating a significant improvement in psychological well-being. Our achievement was made possible through a collaboration with Loyola Marymount University and the University of Southern California. Led by the esteemed Dr. Michael Mills, who now serves on our Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), the pilot study solidifies our commitment to evidence-based practices.

OOTify has established an esteemed SAB comprised of leading experts in mental healthcare, including researchers, physicians, mental health practitioners, psychologists, and non-profit organizations. This distinguished panel plays a vital role in upholding ethical standards, addressing any obstacles encountered, and achieving our clinical objectives for the betterment of the community we serve.

With OOTify, you can trust that our cutting-edge technology is rooted in rigorous research and guided by a distinguished advisory board, making us a premier choice for advancing mental health solutions. Learn more about Our Story.